Skin Care & Beauty

A recent  study from the Annals of Dermatology, found that people with B blood type produced less melanin and had a deeper wrinkle formation.

Having less melanin production may translate to less protection from chronic sun exposure, leading to more wrinkles. Dermatologist Libby Rhee, DO, believes that extra-fine lines might be a result of how a person’s blood-type genes interact with other nearby genes. “It’s not just your blood type influencing your propensity to develop wrinkles around your eyes, per se, or the reactivity of the melanin in your skin. Rather, the neighboring genes located immediately next to or close to your [blood type gene] may have an influence on your skin,” she says.

Beauty tips for blood types

Typically, type A skin is less prone to sweat than other blood types and doesn’t have issues with oily skin. You’re usually cold and have small pores on your face. Experts suggest wearing layers to not only stay warm but to protect your skin as well. As for makeup, keep foundation light and sheer and play up your sparkly eyes!

B-types generally have shallow, sensitive and thin skin so your skin’s condition can be unpredictable at times. Mild, fragrance free cleansers and gentle scrubs are best for B-types whose sensitive skin has a tendency to produce more oil. For makeup, choose shimmery eye shadows and pearly highlighters to brighten up your delicate features!

Blood type AB emphasize the use of natural products for skin care. Try to avoid using hard water when washing your face or boil tap water, allow it to cool and use it to wash your face. Apply a quick egg white mask to nourish your skin and help delay the signs of aging. Bright nail polish and using color correcting concealers are suggested for beautiful AB blood typed lasses!

Getting enough sleep is the number one beauty tip by blood type for type O. After you get your beauty rest, wash your face with a mild cream or gel cleanser and avoid foaming cleansers. Type O skin is typically oily with larger pores so foam cleansers can actually aggravate common type O skin conditions. Use makeup containing SPF and try incorporating a highlighter pen to your makeup routine to light up your features!